Alexandra Pimor is an Earth lawyer, legal scholar, social entrepreneur, Advanced Certified Scrum Master, agile facilitator & systems coach. She is the founder of SoaNoia, a consultancy specialising in conscious governance & leadership, and organisational & systemic transformation.

Alexandra is Executive Partner and Director of Nature Governance at the Earth Law Center, where she leads on the global Nature Governance project; meshworking and collaborative partnerships; and the co-development fellowship initiative. She serves as co-proxy for Nature as Non-Executive Director for Nature On The Board at UK eco-beauty company Faith In Nature.

She additionally serves as a board member for various organisations: she is a non-executive director at RiseUP (Europe) CIC, a UK-based organisation that works with prisons, schools, the long term unemployed and those at risk of offending within the wider community. She is an executive member of the Spirituality Scholars Network; an executive associate of the Natural Arts Associations (Wales); a professional volunteer at Notre Affaire à Tous (contributor to “Les Droits de la Nature”); and at Rights & Humanity (International).

published scholar with over 20 years’ experience in pedagogical engineering, Alexandra served as a senior law lecturer in the United Kingdom, specialising in European Union Law; Public Law; Human Rights; Legal systems and skills. Her research interests range from law, governance, ethics and systems theory, to the psychology of spirituality & consciousness, people & planet studies (human, nature/earth and animal rights, indigenous wisdom), and rights, responsibility & resilience paradigm.

Alexandra will be speaking at the Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting in Brussels in April. (See Upcoming Engagements)

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Articles and Recent Engagements

1.5.23 | Article in Les Echos Planete

“Can nature really be the decision maker? This is the challenge that Simeon Rose, creative director at the British beauty company Faith in Nature, issued last summer to the lawyers of the Earth Law Center, an American association for the defense of the "rights of nature". In other words, how to ensure that nature is a stakeholder in the company, so that its decisions are more respectful of the environment?
3.10.23 | The University of Exeter, Cornwall, UK

The Earth Law Practice team had the pleasure of running a workshop on the Penryn campus of the University of Exeter in Cornwall, UK. Alexandra and Tony eloquently explained the concept of Nature on the Board and heard many insightful and fresh perspectives from a large group of current students. ELCs Kelsey Leonard also gave an inspiring talk on the rights of water, which was received with plentiful interest. The trip ended with a networking dinner with faculty and students, the team and the Exeter Centre for Environmental Law will be a long-standing partner with the Earth Law Practice team.

3.10.23 | Royal College of Art, London

The Earth Law Practice team were warmly welcomed at the Royal College of Art in London, UK. Alexandra gave a talk on the concept of Nature Governance and received inspiring feedback from the artists in attendance. The strong synergies seen between Art and creativity and Nature Governance triggered fantastic discussions, and the team at the Royal College will continue to work with the Earth Law Practice team to further this partnership.

1.16.23 | Giving Nature a Seat at the Table
Coinciding with the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, the discussion took place at the Hub Culture Davos Leadership Campus ICEHouse (“Innovation for a Circular Economy”) venue, which is constructed of circular economy materials. The panel (Julia Jackson, founder of Grounded; Helle Bank Jørgensen, founder of Competent Boards; Brad Palmer, chairman of Project Drawdown; and Alexandra Pimor, an attorney with the Earth Law Center) consisted of five experts in the field of rights, laws, and crimes surrounding the natural world, spoke about how to combat the increasing climate crisis on a corporate level.

Alexandra Pimor joined COP15 in Montreal in December 2022, during which the Earth Law Center and friends advocated for the inclusion of the Rights of Mother Earth in the Global Biodiversity Framework 2030 strategy.